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“Mujer de Fe” Foundation was born in the heart of Paulina Aguirre in 2009. And is a program that provides support for mental, physical and spiritual health for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Paulina’s music has been an inspiration to women in several countries, and this has created a greater feeling of social and humanitarian responsibility towards the community both in Ecuador and Latin America.

Let’s consider that our generation is the result of our actions and contributions.

Countries involved are USA and Ecuador where Paulina was born.


Free, healthy women – entrepreneurs with happy children and families.


Empowerment of women based on the respect of their rights using a holistic model (mind, body and spirit), through programs to educate them in their finances, health, legal rights, and spiritual awareness.

Celebrity Support

Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Mario Domm of Camila, Myrka De Llanos TV Personality, Valentina Castellani Quinn (nominated for Academy Awards for cinematography and businesswoman Quinn studios, Cristian Solis, businesswoman (Marco Antonio Solis), Delia Orjuela Vice BMI, and others.

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